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Scanjet Systems launches tank cleaning simulator app

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Scanjet Systems has released a new version of the Scanjet Tank Cleaning Simulator software, which helps users model and understand the operation of tank cleaning devices inside a tank.

It can be difficult to visualise what a tank cleaning machine does inside a sealed, dark steel tank, and even more difficult to determine what sort of machine should be chosen for any given tank, how it should be configured, where it should be placed, and so on, for optimal results. And what about the running costs — how much water or cleaning fluid is required to run a cleaning cycle, how much energy will the pump require to operate, and how long does the process take?

The Scanjet Tank Cleaning Simulator enables one to compare different cleaning devices in a wide range of tank sizes and shapes, and to estimate the resources needed and the subsequent cleaning results to be expected under different operational parameters.

The simulator, which was first launched some five years ago, has now been considerably updated, expanded and improved, with more cleaning device models included: the simulator includes all the Rotary Jet Head (RJH) models, such as the Bio 25 and the versatile and robust SC 15, as well as one Single Axis Single Jet (SASJ) machine, the SC 60A.

Scanjet Systems has confirmed that more models will be added in the upcoming releases.

Reflecting the growth in the use of smart phones, tablets and other mobile technologies, the simulator is now also available for Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows and Mac PCs.

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