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Special reports

AI must gain trust of the energy sector

The energy sector must overcome a lack of trust in artificial intelligence (AI) before the technology can be effectively used to accelerate the energy transition, a DNV report has found.

US LNG to drive global market by 2030

In this report, Fauzeya Rahman, LNG Americas Editor at ICIS, explains how US LNG could take a one-third share of global supply by 2030.?



The power of digital asset management

Eric Klein, Global Information Systems, USA, and Joel Hurt Jr., Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, USA, describe how to quickly and easily digitise oil and gas assets to maximise efficiency and facilitate regulatory inspection and reporting.

StocExpo makes its return

StocExpo, a platform for the tank storage industry, recently made its return with over 150 exhibitors and thousands of visitors.

More Special reports news

A nexus of clean energy

Bob Oesterreich and Peter Gerstl, Chart Industries, discuss how cryogenic technology is helping to shape the energy transition.

Realising the hydrogen ambition

Prof. Juergen Peterseim and Dario Galvan, PwC Germany, detail how to turn the hydrogen debate into tangible market growth.

Winning the fight against corrosion

Corrosion eats away not only at capital equipment, but also profits. This article considers why Polyglass, a high-performance range of protective coatings, has been extensively used for the protection of a wide range of tanks and vessels, and what this means in terms of the service life and life cycle costs for companies.

AFPM Q&A: pipeline operators enhancing safety

AFPM recently sat down with representatives from three companies with pipeline operations to hear how they are working with their communities, other operators and government agencies to continually advance pipeline safety.