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June 2018

The Summer 2018 issue of Tanks & Terminals looks at aboveground storage tanks, leak detection, tank inspection, safety, terminal automation, digitalisation and LNG. It also includes a regional report examining Europe’s storage sector.

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Rough seas ahead
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explores the changes that are rocking global energy markets and how they are having a knock-on effect in Europe.

Comparing apples to apples
Brian Thompson and Aaron Clarke, Matrix Applied Technologies, USA, explain why it is important to eliminate surprises when selecting a geodesic aluminium dome roof.

To dome or not to dome?
Michael Sprung, EnviroEye LLC, USA, examines roofs and storm water management practices relating to aboveground storage tanks.

Testing seal suitability
Daniel C. Gray, Petrex Inc., USA, examines the importance of perimeter sealing systems for floating roofs through an examination of four elastomeric wiper seal materials.

Detecting leaks in larger tanks
Alexander Bukhman, Gauging Systems Inc., USA, compares leak detection methods for aboveground storage tanks.

Finding the right balance
Bart Wauterickx and Bas Hermans, The Sniffers, Belgium, explain how a combination of measurement techniques can help ensure a complete leak detection survey.

New horizons
Roman Filatov, Transneft Diascan JSC, outlines the benefits of tank diagnostics methods that do not require decommissioning.

Improving inspection efficiency
Edwin Van Der Leden, Neil Randal Pearson and Damian Gallagher, Eddyfi, UK, outline methods to help improve storage tank inspection efficiency.

The never-ending quest for safety
As legislation and regulations are tightened, the quest for increased safety and efficiency, built into tank cleaning systems, never stops. Søren Hansen, Oreco A/S, Denmark, explains why.

A flying start
Derek Blagg, Varec Inc., USA, discusses best practices for automation at airport fuel farms.

Embracing Industry 4.0
Tomi Lahti, Lauri Saurus and Niko Hellgren, NAPCON, Finland, report on how Industry 4.0 is driving efficiency and security improvements in tank and terminal operations.

Working wirelessly
Vance Ray, R3 Automation, USA, explains how wireless sensing helps producers and facilities cut emissions and comply with tough regulations.

Crossed signals
Scott Keller, SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, USA, examines how self-configuring mesh networks address the challenges associated with the wireless monitoring of outdoor tank level applications.

Making a point
Jeremy M. Lucas, Mangan Software Solutions, USA, discusses the development and implementation of safety lifecycle management point-to-point testing in the Cloud for midstream oil and gas origination, tank storage, and delivery terminals.

Paving the path to a cleaner future
Miriam Wennberg, Connect LNG AS, Norway, in collaboration with Gas Natural Fenosa, Spain, introduces a transfer solution that can help to make LNG accessible to a number of locations where it was previously not deemed feasible.

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