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December 2018

As well as providing an update on the storage sector in the Middle East and North Africa, the Winter issue of Tanks & Terminals contains features on automation, loading systems, flow instruments, tank monitoring, inspection & cleaning, software, and insulation.

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Opportunity out of crisis
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explains that while tank and terminal opportunities abound in the Middle East and North Africa, conflicts, international sanctions and social unrest bring complications to the region.

Tank storage 4.0
Ute Forstner and Wilfried Kleiser, Siemens, Germany, discuss the impact that digitalisation is set to have on the tank storage industry.

Taking a digital leap
Robert Kessler, Oceaneering International Inc., USA, outlines the advantages of bringing Industry 4.0 to the terminal.

Next generation automation
Doug Mihal and Brian Sherman, DTN, USA, explain how a next generation terminal automation system can increase operators’ bottom lines.

Keeping track
Adam Wishall, Varec, USA, explains the vital role that movement tracking has to play in bulk liquid management.

Intelligent actuation
Sarah Kellett, Rotork, UK, explores how modern non intrusive electric actuator technologies can assist the operation and automation of tank farms.

The future is based on (robotic) alternatives
Daniel Devò, Gerotto Federico Srl, Italy, highlights the dangers of manual tank cleaning operations and presents a robotic alternative.

A new view on tank inspection
Jason Hayes, Trimble, USA, explores the advantages of using a combination of laser scanning and specialised data modelling software when inspecting storage tanks.

The distributor’s crystal ball
Anton Albrand, SkyBitz Tank Monitoring, USA, champions the importance of remote tank monitoring in order to avoid disruption to distribution and supply chains.

All about the base
Luk Smout and Jente Quintens, Owens Corning, Belgium, outline the importance of insulating hot storage tank bases.

Starting from the bottom
Ewart Cox, Assentech Sales Ltd and Assentech Rapid Response and Service Ltd, describes the evolution of loading arms and details their individual components.

Time to upgrade?
Jason Faughtenberry, Emco Wheaton, USA, explains how ageing equipment can impact the loading/unloading process at terminals.

Against the odds
Alec Keeler, Loadtec, UK, recounts a case study in which an efficient tank loading and unloading system was installed despite facing adverse environmental and regulatory conditions.

Switch for safety
Richard Koeken, Fluid Components International, and Richard Thomassen, ODS Metering Systems, the Netherlands, discuss the use of thermal switches to safely operate loading arms at a European marine terminal.

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