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Martin Instrument releases methane detection solution

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Martin Instrument and Microdrones has released a new professional aerial methane detection solution, the mdTector1000 CH4, for the microdrones multi-rotor UAV. The tool was built for professionals responsible for methane gas infrastructure.

Martin Instrument releases methane detection solution

The mdTector1000 CH4 has a Pergam gas sensor, mounted and integrated with the Microdrones md4-1000 UAV. Users can see aerial shots of what is being detecting with the laser sensor in real time. The sturdy carbon-fibre UAV can easily navigate terrain that is too dangerous for traditional foot crews. Microdrone aircrafts are well-known for being stable and resistant to wind, weather, dust and dampness; this allows them to be used wherever and whenever your job needs to be done.

Martin Instrument’s solution is versatile and can be used for: natural gas line surveys; tank inspections; gas well testing; plant safety; and landfill emission monitoring.

“For oil and gas customers, we are excited to provide an all new payload,” said Martin Instrument Vice-President, Mike Minick, adding: “The fully integrated aerial methane inspection package gives the end-user everything they need at their fingertips to accurately and efficiently retrieve data, safer than ever before.”

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