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Special reports


Man and machine unite at HANNOVER MESSE

A total of 210 000 visitors attended HANNOVER MESSE, which focused on the interaction of humans with digitisation, robots and machine learning.


EIA: US LNG exports quadrupled

The EIA is reporting that US LNG exports quadrupled in 2017, climbing to 1.94 billion ft3/d.


US oil exports increased after Harvey

The US EIA has confirmed that US crude oil exports increased following the disruption to refineries caused by Hurricane Harvey.


Start from the bottom

Tanco Engineering Inc. outlines the advantages and disadvantages of options for replacing tank bottom plates.


Floating focus

Assentech considers why internal floating roofs are used for gasoline storage.


Digitalisation: here to stay?

ABB considers whether digitalisation is more than just a passing trend in downstream tank and terminal operations.