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September 2017

This issue of Tanks & Terminals covers tank protection, tank cleaning, cyber security, terminal automation, insulation and decommissioning.

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Red dragon rising
Ng Weng Hoong, Contributing Editor, discusses the ongoing outlook for oil storage in Asia as China looms large and Singapore looks to retain its key role.

Get set
Whitney Boger and Brian Burdorf, Trinity Consultants, USA, explore how to optimise the air permitting process for liquid storage terminals.

A bolt out of the blue
Bruce A. Kaiser, Lightning Master Corp., USA, advises on some of the methods for protecting storage tanks from the threat of lightning for safety and reliability.

Automatic tank cleaning
Søren Hansen, Oreco A/S, Denmark, explains how important design details of no-man entry automatic tank cleaning technologies ensure safe, reliable and efficient tank cleaning of downstream oil and product tanks.

Connect and protect
Jamie Walker, UKPIA, UK, discusses the recent wave of international cyber attacks and how those working in the industry need to establish protection from future threats.

A new light on terminal automation
Sridhar Sankaranarayanan, Honeywell Process Solutions, USA, explains how a new era of terminal automation is contributing towards business success.

Close to the mark
Edwin Van Der Leden, Eddyfi Technologies, UK, discusses storage tank inspection data management and what can be done to increase its accuracy and efficiency.

A higher level
Ulf Johannesson, Emerson Automation Solutions, Sweden, overviews modern tank gauging systems that can help operators to achieve significant performance and profitability gains.

Feeling the drag?
Darren Heath, Brodie International, USA, discusses the implementation of drag reduction agents in pipelines in order to help reduce friction, increase flow capacity and lower pumping costs, whilst observing the effects drag reducing agents have on other aspects of pipeline operation.

No welding, no problem
Gary Banks, Banks Industrial Group, USA, discusses the alternative options available for storage tank roof insulation when welding is not permitted and downtime needs to be minimal.

Don't wait to insulate
Rebecca Mayes, MC&I Inc., USA, recommends mechanical insulation systems to lower energy costs in the downstream storage industry.

Curbing the CUI plague
Francesca Crolley, SynavaxTM, USA, explores the ways in which nano-engineered thermal insulation and anti-corrosion coatings can help solve the problem of tank corrosion under insulation.

Eyes to the floor
M. Lechthaler and Peter Werth, Wolftank Adisa GmbH, Austria, present modern floor lining concepts for storage tanks, based on innovative material and lining concepts.

Out with the old
With change continuing apace in the global hydrocarbon engineering sector, operators are encountering newfound pressures when it comes to the decommissioning of their redundant, unsafe or commercially unviable facilities. Richard Vann and Matthew Waller, RVA Group, UK, highlight why and how such assignments should unfold.

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