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May 2022

The Summer issue of Tanks & Terminals includes articles on a range of features including corrosion, flow control, tank gauging, tradeoffs when laying out a new terminal, safety, and overfill prevention when loading. This month’s regional report discusses the potential impact that the war in Ukraine might have on the Western Hemisphere’s storage sector.

This month's front cover is brought to you by American Petroleum Institute (API).

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The ripples of war
Contributing Editor, Gordon Cope, explores the potential impact that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will have on the Western Hemisphere’s storage sector.

Terminals of the future
Brian Highfield and John Scott, Burns & McDonnell, USA, explain the value of a master plan in an evolving market when considering the construction of future terminals.

An alternative solution
Devon Brendecke, Quest Integrity, USA, presents three cases in which carrying out an engineering assessment of tanks, rather than proceeding directly to repair, was the best option.

Risk-based inspection: misconceptions vs realised benefits
Cesar Espinoza and Richard Elsdon, ROSEN Group, USA, explore the misconceptions surrounding risk-based inspection and detail the reality of the benefits that this method can bring integrity management professionals.

Safely storing liquefied energy
Rasmus Gregersen, Svanehøj, Denmark, outlines the important role that instrumentation and safety systems play at LNG storage terminals.

The role of flow control
Anthony Vangasse, Rotork, UK, considers the role of flow control in midstream storage applications.

Enhancing safety and efficiency
Dr. Alexander Zelck, TIMM Technology, Germany, explains how overfill prevention controllers can help to enhance the safety and efficiency of bottom loading fuel terminals.

Selecting fire and gas system sensors
Jesse Sumstad, Emerson, details the importance of using multiple types of sensors to ensure a robust safety system is in place on tank farms and transfer sites.

Improving gas detection coverage
Chris Frail and Julian Yeo, United Electric Controls, USA, consider several case studies in which upgrading the gas detection coverage to wireless models saved money and helped the companies meet regulation compliance timelines.

A gateway to great things
Doug Sinitiere, Carboline, USA, details how teamwork, meticulous planning, and selecting materials towards the beginning of the bidding cycle were all essential components of the success of the South Texas Gateway Terminal storage facility.

Understanding cathodic protection systems
Ted Huck, MATCOR Inc., USA, explains how to assess the performance of cathodic protection systems.

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