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May 2015

The first issue of Tanks & Terminals includes a range of articles covering topics such as safety, overfill prevention, automation and metering systems. It also includes a regional report looking at the storage industry in Asia.

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Asia's silver lining
Ng Weng Hoong, Contributing Editor, profiles Asia and looks at how storage is the evergreen silver lining in oil’s clouded outlook.

The importance of geotechnical investigations
Michelle Wagner, Bob Kruger, Rebecca Zackavec, Marty Tellalian and Mark Butts, CB&I, USA, emphasise the importance of early and comprehensive geotechnical investigations for LNG tanks.

Avoiding permitting pitfalls
Kyle Dunn, Trinity Consultants, USA, advises on avoiding air permitting pitfalls for crude oil and condensate terminals.

How safe are your tankers?
Peter Davidson, UKPIA, looks at managing safety risks for tankers entering terminals.

Rewriting risk assessment and expectations
David Owen, Hawkes Fire, UK, talks fuel storage asset protection.

Why can't I use my smartphone?
Michael Hewson, Varec, Inc., USA, looks at mobile data capture and validation applications for the oil and gas supply chain.

A study in DBB plug valves
George Garcia, Cameron, USA, provides a guide as to how double block and bleed plug valves work in tank and terminal applications.

The new global standard
Hans Westerlind, Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Tank Gauging, Sweden, examines recent trends in overfill prevention.

A focus on North America
Muthuraman Ramasamy, Frost & Sullivan, USA, looks at the North American terminal automation market.

Control the heat
Daniel Potter and Derya Turgay-Herz, eltherm GmbH, Germany, detail the process of engineering design and implementation of electrical heat tracing systems for frost heave prevention of large scale cryogenic LNG storage tank systems.

Metering systems versus tank gauging
Jim Smith and Nicole Gailey, FMC Technologies, USA, discuss the advantages of dynamic metering systems in hydrocarbon tank storage applications.

15 questions with...
We talk to Melinda Whitney, President of the ILTA about the upcoming 35th anniversary conference, the future of the terminals sector and her favourite book.

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