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March 2023

The Spring issue of Tanks & Terminals begins with a report looking at how upheaval is creating challenges, as well as opportunities, across the storage sector in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The issue also includes features on safety, level measurement, coatings and linings, tank heaters, digitalisation, and insulation.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Paratherm.

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Waiting for warmer weather
Turmoil is causing upheavals in energy sectors around the world, which is creating challenges, as well as prospects, for the storage sector. Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explains.

Risk vs reward
Cesar Espinoza and Ian Diggory, ROSEN Group, USA, explain why risk-based inspection is not the ultimate panacea for all fixed equipment integrity issues.

An ultrasonic revolution
Frederic Reverdy, Eddyfi Technologies, France, discusses the ultrasonic techniques that can lead to better tank inspections.

Insulating tanks to lower facility energy output
Rebecca Mayes, MC&I, Inc.-RIDGLOK® Panel Systems, USA, explains how storage tank insulation systems can help businesses improve return on investment and ward off rising energy costs.

Simple radar design for better process control
Tai Piazza and Greg Tischler, VEGA Americas, USA, present a case study where a refinery and petrochemical facility has used non-contact radar level instruments to help avoid unplanned shutdowns.

The importance of measurement accuracy
Toni Käsbeck, Endress+Hauser, Germany, discusses tank gauging solutions and how measurement accuracy is crucial for financial transactions.

Harnessing the power of digitised data
Orchestrated data analytics and dashboards can help to accelerate commercial decisions and mitigate the effects of supply chain disruptions. Ashley W. Boggs, Varec, USA, explains how.

Destination: restoration
Edward Cass, Paratherm, USA, discusses how to replace fluid and restore performance in fouled heat transfer systems.

Think finned
Amanda Bryan, Koch Heat Transfer, USA, discusses the advantages of finned tank heaters.

Fires and explosions without warning
Dr. Alexander Zelck, Timm Technology GmbH, Germany, outlines how electrostatic charges arise in tank storage operations and gives best practice advise to mitigate the risk of static electricity fires and explosions.

Difficult decisions
Tony Collins, EonCoat, USA, considers why it can be difficult for end users to select the most appropriate coating for an asset.

Bund benefits
Steve Bowen, Strandek, UK, highlights the importance of bunds as secondary containment systems at storage tanks to help prevent, control or mitigate major hazardous events.

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