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June 2017

This issue of Tanks & Terminals provides an outlook for the tank terminal sector in Northwest Europe, as well as a range of topics including tank design and construction, tank inspection, blending, pumps, automation and explosion protection.

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Tank storage in Northwest Europe
Patrick Kulsen, PJK International B.V., the Netherlands, offers an outlook for the tank terminal sector in Northwest Europe.

A first that's built to last
David Creech, Jeff Garrison and Dave Sterenberg, CB&I, USA, discuss how CB&I tackled the design and construction of the first isolated LNG storage tank in the US for Puget Sound Energy.

Getting to the bottom of it
Victor Escobar and Rutger van Kampen, the ROSEN Group, Switzerland, discuss careful monitoring and protection in liquid bulk storage environments for the safety and protection of personnel and the public.

Opportunity for innovation
Dylan Brown, TCI Services LLC, USA, examines how one company developed a tank inspection programme to meet the EPA’s Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures initiative, while simultaneously reducing spending.

Start from the bottom
Brandy Gibbons, Craig Greenslit, Brent Porter, Joshua Flock and Keegan Maloney, Tanco Engineering Inc., USA, outline the advantages and disadvantages of three options when replacing tank bottom plates.

In the mix
Steve Raynor, Milton Roy Mixing, discusses how upgrading side entry mixers can provide energy savings and contribute to reduced maintenance costs.

The butane blending bubble
Todd M. Eldridge, Pond, USA, outlines three options for companies seeking to take advantage of butane blending to control their costs.

Exploring the alternatives
David Clark, Sundyne HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps, UK, explores the technical benefits of utilising magnetic drive sealless pumps in tank farms and terminals.

Protect and pump
Thomas Walbröhl, Crane ChemPharma & Energy, Germany, explains how air operated double diaphragm pumps can improve safety in liquid tank storage plants.

Automation to expand
Mark Clark, Rotork, UK, outlines a tank terminal expansion project at Vopak Terminal Durban, where manual equipment was replaced with actuation technology.

Integrating automation
Randy Wagler, Honeywell Process Solutions, Canada, and Sridhar Sankaranarayanan, Honeywell Process Solutions, India, present a case study of a terminal in northern-central China that benefitted from integrating a new automation system.

Moving toward a smart tank terminal
Michael Martens, Implico Group, Germany, explains how new handheld devices and corresponding software can offer a shortcut to the digital future.

Brave new world
Mark Simmons, Inchcape Shipping Services, UK, discusses how tracking cargo flow can identify floating storage trends and asset optimisation.

What a shocker
Tom Belli, Belzona, UK, discusses one of the little known shocking storage industry hazards, the static charge, and how it can lead to damaging and life-threatening explosions.

15 facts on...
This month we give you 15 facts on ports and harbours!

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