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December 2019

The Winter issue of Tanks & Terminals looks at a range of topics including tank monitoring and cleaning, corrosion prevention, lightning protection, emissions reduction and floating roof inspections. This month’s regional report looks at the latest developments in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Thrive in strife
Gord Cope, Contributing Editor, looks at the ways in which storage terminal operators in the Middle East and North Africa are seeking to prosper in challenging circumstances.

Time for a change?
Colin Mandrick, Burns & McDonnell, USA, highlights the complexity of choosing whether to replace in kind or purchase new equipment and the importance of careful analysis before making a decision.

A new tank standard
J. Randolph Kissell, Trinity Consultants, USA, reports on the latest edition of API storage tank standard 12R1, and what this means for operators.

Tank monitoring: from A to E
Sam Ternowchek, MISTRAS Group, USA, outlines how operators can assess damage without taking a tank out of service using modern tank floor monitoring technology.

The future of tank cleaning?
Fintan Duffy, Re-Gen Robotics, outlines the benefits of robotic tank cleaning through a case study at the Shell Haven Terminal.

A useful addition
Tim A. Rivard, Fuel Right, Canada, looks at the important role additives have to play in corrosion and inventory quality control in fuel storage tanks.

Breaking the ice
Francesca Crolley, Synavax Inc., USA, examines how liquid insulation can help solve problems with winterisation and ice formation on storage tanks.

When trouble strikes
Kelly Buza, ALLTEC, USA, looks at the ways in which operators can comprehensively protect their liquid storage tanks from lightning strikes.

Odour and out
Marco Micelli, Vacono Aluminium Domes, Germany, debates possible solutions to help reduce odour emissions from storage tanks.

Remote monitoring of floating roofs
Performing manual mandated inspections of floating roofs has flaws. Varshneya Sridharan, Emerson, Singapore, describes the benefits achieved by replacing visual inspections with advanced radar level measurement technology.

On the right level
Adam Wishall, Varec, USA, outlines the multitude of benefits that a complete inventory control system can offer tank terminals.

Bridging the data gap
Ann Sun, Atomiton, USA, examines how the downstream storage sector is addressing the gap between sensor data and business implementation for impressive results.

Under a watchful eye
Jesper Olavi, Axis Communications, Sweden, examines the automation of critical industries and how surveillance systems offer big benefits as opposed to big brother.

A tank moving timeline
Alan Watson, A.R. Watson International Ltd, New Zealand, and Mark Baker, Baker Consulting Group, USA, provide a detailed account of the complex planning which goes into the moving of a large oil storage tank.

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