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White papers: HEMPEL

Hempel coatings can be found around the globe, protecting customers’ assets and equipment from corrosion, from bridges and boats to power stations and homes. Hempel coatings bring colour to homes and places of work, and extend the service lives of assets and equipment, increasing return on investment.

Across the world, Hempel work with customers and research institutions to find new ways to solve existing problems. From the engineers in our labs to our coating advisors onsite, the company’s aim is to deliver coating solutions that add value to customers’ businesses – by protecting assets for longer, reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency.

Hempel do much more than just protect and beautify. The company works closely with customers to find solutions to their biggest challenges. They help customers optimise their processes, reduce maintenance costs, cut down on waste and improve environmental performance.

Hempel’s customers trust them with their most valuable assets. The company earns this trust every day through their technical expertise and the superior performance of coating solutions.

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The challenges and protection of internal storage tanks for oil & gas and chemical industries

Internal protection of storage tanks is challenging, and several factors have to be considered when selecting the right lining system to protect the interior substrate from corrosion. This paper considers these and offers some solutions.

Published on the 02 October 2020

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