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WirelessHART Gas Detection - A Proven Way to Enhance Plant Safety

In this webinar, United Electric Controls will discuss the evolution of wireless technology in process control and monitoring applications, examines what barriers have restrained its usage in safety applications, and explores how the technology has changed, making its acceptance grow in recent years.

Wireless technology has become common in industrial process control and monitoring applications. The acceptances has accelerated in recent years as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data initiatives have driven demand for more information. One area that has lagged is safety applications such as gas detection. Those barriers are coming down as wireless technology becomes common place in other applications and new technologies make it more feasible.

The session will also look at how wireless gas detection is helping industrial facilities maintain safe operations profitably in the face of evolving regulations. The webinar will introduce several user cases and share the specific motivation they had in adopting wireless gas detectors into their plant.



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